Treasury of the National Jewels Tehrān
The incomparable "Treasury of the National Jewels" is a collection of the m
National Museum of Iran: Iran e-Bāstān
The museum consists of two buildings. Bldg. No 1 has the entire pre-Islamic
Golestān Palace Tehrān
A list of ancient masterpieces, shown in this Museum, are: Guiveh, Pottery,
Contemporary Art Museum Tehrān
The architectural style of this Museum resembles those of oriental countrie
Ghanj Alī Khān Museum Kermān
The oldest in Kermān, this public bath-house is located within the complex
Carpet Museum Tehrān
In 1976, it was suggested that an Iranian carpet museum be founded. Therefo
Armenian Museum (Vānk)
The architectural style of this two story building is a combination of East
Marv-Dasht, Persepolis Museum
Once the main building of "Xerxes Harem", Persepolis Museum is one of the c
Sheikh Safī Museum Ardabīl
Sheikh Safī's mausoleum has a collection of impressive monuments, fine stru