Bird Watching
Iran's vast topographic diversity provides the avid birder with a fantastic
Hunting Trekking
Iran offers Sport Hunting in to foreign hunters and collectors in more than
Mountain Biking
Iran Alborz region offers numerous possibilities for mountain bicycling fro
Having Caspian Sea in the North, the Persian Gulf and Arab Sea in the South
Horseback Riding
Horseback ride in the fields of Turkman Sahra with Turkmen tribe and visit
Desert Safari
Vast lands of clay, gravel, running sands and some are swampy and others ar
Camel Riding
Since the main route of the Silk Road is situated in Iran and during the ye
The existence of long stretched mountains, deserts and vast fields, low pla
Scuba Diving
The limpid coastal waters of the Persian Gulf are the result of the coral c
Long permanent rivers that stretch from the mountains to the fields give th
Mountain Ski
The unique geographical situation of Iran and its cold mountains, which cau