Protected Areas
Climatic and geographic variation in different parts of the province has ca
Protected wildlife zones
Some areas in Mazandaran Province, due to the presence of a variety of faun
Valasht lake
This lake encompasses an area of about 15 hectares, and is located in a dee
 sald lake
The said lake is in actual fact a part of the salt desert of Iran and is lo
Cave Alī Sadr
The said cave is the largest in the world, containing water and offering th
Sarv-e Abar kooh ( old tree)
Located 140km south of Yazd, the main road of Yazd-Shiraz passes through Ab
Damavand mountain
Sixty-six km to the east of Tehran, to the right of Tehran-Firuz Kuh road,
Anzali Lagoon
It extends to the south western coast of the Caspian Sea, west of the Sefid
Abr Forests
The forests areas of the province are the natural forests located in the no
lout Desert
The plain of Loot is the largest hollow or pit in the plateau of Iran and a
Shevi waterfalls
The waterfall is located in the village of Shevy in the district of Dorood,
Caspian Sea Beaches
Covering an area of approximately 438,000 square kilometers, it is the worl
Samirom waterfall
The Semirom waterfall is one of the reputed of the province and is located
Niasar cave
overlooking the Niyasar Village of Kashan. This cave has been dug out with
Gav Khooni Swamp
The above mentioned can be considered as one of the reputed wet lands in th
Rose Water Extraction in Ghamsar
The industry of rosewater extraction is associated with Ghamsar city near K
Shādegān Logoon
Shadegan wetland extends over an area of 296,000 hectares, and its surface
Chāl Nakhjīr Cave
Chal Nakhjir is a rare geological phenomenon which was recently discovered
Golestan National Park
The Golestan National Park is the first Iranian National Park that is situa
Sarv-e Abar kooh
Located 140km south of Yazd, the main road of Yazd-Shiraz passes through Ab
Sisangan natural park
This park is located near the town of Noor and contains natural attractions
Shourabil Lake
This Lake is located in the rout of Mohaghegh Ardebili University. Its wate
Neor Lake
It is located in 48 km. of eastern south of Ardebil. Its extent is 220 hect
Moghan Plain
Covering an area of more than 300-350 thousand hectares, the Moqan plain is
Agh Gol protected zone
This protected zone is located between Makoo and Poldasht.
Dalaki River
This river originates from the mountains located in the west of Shiraz
Atashgah Waterfall
This waterfall is located in the southern part of the province, 40 km. sout
Sarigol Protected Zones
The same is located to the northeast of Esfarayen in a span area of 28,000
Binalood&Aladagh Mountains
These mountains are the continuation of the Alborz Mountain.